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Png stands for:

Personalizzazione del servizio

Personalised service

Each custumer is unique to us! The experience acquired in the course of the years by P.N.G. personnel, which is coming from the maritime trade, is at your service for the purpose of offering you premium-class services and the timely delivery of top-quality and traceable components and accessories which cannot be readily found in the standard market. Our well trained and experienced boarding operators are prepared and available at any time to visit your vessels and will do their utmost to meet the expectations of owners and crew alike.

Nuovo approccio alla nave

New approach to the shipping market

A ship is like a "floating world" with its complexity and needs. We operate every day to put our knowledge and experience at your disposal and keep ourselves abreast of all technical developments in the maritime market. Our ability to be flexible and to understand our customer's priorities is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our staff is able, at all times, to fulfil the most demanding customer requirements, and is constantly in contact with all our suppliers and manufacturers for the purpose of achieving this.

Garanzia nel servizio

Global service and guarantee

Our goal is to ensure that our customers feel confident, that all details of a job will be taken care of, particularly when dealing with technical matters and spare parts, we analyse all possible aspects carefully, in order to provide our suppliers and manufacturers with the information necessary to deliver the right goods and services. Furthermore, our role as intermediary between ship owners and manufacturers allows us to understand and explain the use of specific parts on board, which is crucial towards providing our customers with complete and successful services. Finally our long-lasting experience with local Authorities and Agencies enables us to overcome potential difficulties, wherever we operate and ensure the smooth performance of our services.

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