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Shipchandler - Forniture Navali


Reliability and concrete answers to our customer's everyday needs.

Three are the factors that distinguish P.n.g. activity: time, quality and competence



During the provision of our services, P.N.G.'s first priority is "Time". Our reaction-time to our customer's requests is second to none and the availability of a wide range of goods and supplies in our depots, coupled with our large network of suppliers and manufacturers throughout Europe, allow us to arrange quick deliveries at extremely competitive prices. We understand how decisive these issues are to you!



The quality of our service is the very centre of our activities. Our aim is to provide our customers with premium-class services and punctual and complete deliveries of carefully selected and traceable products. Each of our partner Company is specialised in supplying different categories of goods and services but,together, as P.N.G., our goal is to provide an ever wider and improved range of products and activities.



We could not carry out all of the above without the enthusiasm, the professionalism and the diversified skills of our staff. We are used to working under pressure and most of our Jobs are a challenge against time and unexpected circumstances; it is thanks to the concerted effort of our team that we are able to succeed in delivering the best possible services to our customers. Problem solving is key in achieving our customer's satisfaction. Assisting and supporting the master and his crew is part of that.

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