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Shipchandler - Forniture Navali


Le merci

Our goods

P.N.G. answers to any requisition thanks to our global sources of supply. Our ability to deal directly with the most qualified local manufacturers and suppliers, allows us to provide our customers with premium-class logistic and technical support for the best prices available in the market.

Esportazioni e spedizioni ovunque

Export and Delivery anywhere

Furthermore, we have developed a service plan for both consolidated and potential customers, who need to handle and monitor any merchandise destined to ships or platforms. Our depots, trade fixtures, and know-how of local Authorities and custom procedures, we are constantly at our customers' disposal.

Magazzini e automezzi

Depots and fleet of trucks

With 12.000 square metre of depot space in Genoa and Marseille (our partner Company in France "Cofrapex"), we are able to store a wide range of products and supplies. Our trucks, which are fully compliant with all applicable sanitary standars, are able to transport all kinds of technical items and spare parts, and when equipped with the appropriate bulkheads, they can also carry fresh (2/4°) and frozen (-18°) provisions. The preparation of our pallets is carefully followed in each phase, in accordance with any specific instructions which our customers may have.


Our costumers

P.N.G, in cooperation with its partner Companies, Cofrapex and Scoccimarro, renders its service to Shipping Companies worldwide, to ship owners, to management Companies, to shipping agents alike, as well as to the Oil and Gas Industry.
We operate with: Carters, Container ships, Oil tankers, Gas /LNG tankers, Chemical carriers, Cargos, Cruise Ships, Ferries and Yachts.

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